CIDI Webinar: Are You Religious or Secular at Work? Well… It’s Complicated.

Dialoging and Negotiating Our Values in the Workplace (This webinar isn’t about prayer spaces at work!) More than ever, the workplace is now the frontline of where diverse sets of values and beliefs interact. It is time for Canadian workplaces to move beyond merely accommodating employees when they request something. Rather, inclusive employers must overcome Read More

CIDI Webinar: Understanding Hidden Bias.

There are many forces that shape our opinion, beliefs and inform our behaviour particularly as it relates to Valuing Diversity. This program will examine how our perceptions of others are formulated, the entrenchment of bias that may be unconscious and its impact, and finally, how to enhance awareness and reduce the potential for disrespect that Read More

Duty to Accommodate.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need duty to accommodate and instead, we as individuals, corporations, labour unions and communities would implement principles of equality, inclusion and fairness as automatic necessities. Unfortunately, that is not the case and, until that day arrives, we have both Canadian and provincial human rights laws to ensure that these Read More

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