CIDI Webinar: Understanding Hidden Bias.

There are many forces that shape our opinion, beliefs and inform our behaviour particularly as it relates to Valuing Diversity. This program will examine how our perceptions of others are formulated, the entrenchment of bias that may be unconscious and its impact, and finally, how to enhance awareness and reduce the potential for disrespect that Read More

Covering: When Being Truthful on Job Applications Leads to Discrimination

Have you ever felt the temptation to alter or hide an innate part of yourself when searching for a job? You’re not alone. In September of this year (2014), a BuzzFeed video about José Zamora1 went viral. In it, Zamora explains that for weeks he applied to hundreds of jobs, and never received a single Read More

D&I: The UnConference.

“Diversity & Inclusion in Canada: 25 years and still not that far along” Vancouver – December 11, 2014. Montréal – January 20, 2015. WHAT IS D&I: The UnConference? UnConference [un-kon-fer-uh ns]. noun: a loosely structured conference emphasizing the informal exchange of ideas, rather than following a conventional conference structure. D&I: The UnConference will be like no other diversity conference Read More

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